Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Reset Your Nokia Mobile Phone?

Most people use Nokia phone. Sometimes your Nokia mobile phone doesn't work properly or your mobile is not responding quickly or your mobile phone hangs very often. You can easily solve this type of problem. Most of the cases, by resetting your Nokia phone, you can easily solve those kinds of problem. There are two ways to reset your Nokia phone either hard resetting or soft resetting. This page tell you everything related to reset your Nokia phone.

Precautions before resetting your Nokia mobile phone

  • Back up the necessary documents of your mobile. For example, make a back up of your mobile phone's contact, messages, memos, short notes etc.
  • Always try to reset by soft reset. If you fail soft reset, then apply hard reset method.

Reset your Nokia mobile by Soft Reset

Soft Reset allows you to bring an initial state of your mobile phone by restoring factory settings. This resetting helps you to clear all types of pending errors. After resetting (by soft reset) your mobile phone will be the initial state which is called the factory setting. To do soft reset, use the shortcut *#7380#. This technique works on almost all types of Nokia phones.

Reset your Nokia mobile by Hard Reset

Firstly, try to reset your Nokia mobile phone by soft resetting techniques. If all the problems or some of the problems are still existed or if the errors are still existed then use this technique i.e. use hard resetting technique to solve the problems of your Nokia mobile phone. It helps your mobile phone state to factory setting state. To do this, enter the code*#7370# and press Yes to confirm initialization. Very soon you will finished hard resetting of your Nokia mobile phone.

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  1. Good information.

    You can reset the Nokia mobiles from security easily by using the Master Reset Code.You can get this code for some old Nokia DCT phones from for free.


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