Sunday, May 15, 2011

Installing games on China mobile Alfatel h1

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I have found one website to download .nes extention file games for china mobile.
  • Go to website: and download the games you want.
  • Plug the usb cable to your handphone under mass storage.
  • Copy the game file you have downloaded in the phone memory card in the folder games.
  • Go to memory card
  • Go to Games Folder (It May be GAME Also), (If Not Create GAMES Folder)
  • Copy *.nes Games in GAMES Folder
  • Then Just Go To Fun & Games Folder
  • Restart your phone and goto Fun and Games > EMUD GAME/Games Folder you can see Game.

Some of the games might not be supported by your phone but download the files that are supported. China phones require games with .nes extention file (ex. batman.nes, spiderman.nes, mario.nes etc).

I have download 5 games and 1 are not supported.

Source :

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